Pre-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets

The Greenfix Covamat Plus range is made up of biodegradable 10-15mm thick quilted pre-seeded erosion control blankets that are available in either 100% straw, 50% straw and 50% coir, or 100% coir. There is a choice of seed mix from any of our six standard mixes, including wildflower, as well as the opportunity to include site-specific seed mixes. Giving protection against surface erosion, the different fibre combinations and reinforced meshes offer short, medium, and long-term degradations (up to 36 months).

Covamat Plus improves poor soil conditions with the addition of organic fertiliser and micro-organisms. Once the Covamat has been laid and irrigated the dehydrated and granulated fertiliser material serves as a natural slow-release nutrient source.


  • Freshly soiled inherently stable embankments
  • New slope cuttings
  • Lining new watercourses
  • Facing reinforced soil slopes
  • Lake edgings
  • Establishing wildflowers
  • Road ditches

Rolls available in 1.2m x 25m or 2.4m x 25m

The selection of blanket is determined by the slope and angle exposure. To find out which blanket would best suit your site please call 01386 881493.

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